Carry out the task yourself Wills: The Essential Information

August 13, 2021


Carry out the task yourself Wills :
The Essential Information

In simple minor estate devoid of relatives, property, and financial complications, a DIY Will is perhaps the most cost-effective option.

 It is critical, however, to consult a Wills professional in any event before taking this option to confirm that this is the proper decision and that there are no conditions that complicate your estate and require expert counsel.

A well-written Will is critical because errors or inexperience in this complex area can result in large inheritance tax bills that can cause financial difficulties, children may be left without a caregiver, or your Will may be deemed invalid, resulting in your estate being divided according to intestacy rules rather than your wishes. 

Paying a little more now for a Will that is completely tailored to your needs can alleviate the financial and emotional burdens for your loved ones in the future.

With basic direction, and assuming your estate is not complicated enough to require expert advice, you may effectively construct a DIY Will. If you are contemplating this option, the following information will assist you in making your own will:

Kits for Self-Publishing

You can download DIY Will Writing Kits, which are a cost-effective way to draught a Will and contain a guide on what to include in it. We offer a complimentary Will writing template to assist you in getting started. 

This template includes everything you need to write a basic Will and will guide you through the process of appointing executors and guardians; it will also allow you to detail specific gifts and legacies and include funeral wishes. 

Will Writing Require Rules ?

Will writing entails adhering to certain standards of writing, which if missed throughout the process of writing a Will, might render the document invalid. Consider the following:

  • You must ensure that the paperwork is witnessed.
  • Do not enlist a beneficiary as a witness.
  • You must verify that you properly sign the Will.
  • Take care not to staple your Will, as this may render its contents null and void.
  • Any amendments to a Will must be made in the proper manner, via a codicil, and not by simply attaching or handwriting the amendment into the Will.

Nomination of a Guardian

If you are the parent of a small kid, appointing a guardian for them in the event that you or your spouse die before they reach maturity is a frequently overlooked but critical decision. Failure to do so may result in the Court appointing someone you may not have chosen, and it may occasionally result in your children being placed in social care services until the Court makes the appointment.

Consideration of Inheritance Taxes

Families having assets valued at much more than £325,000 (the inheritance tax nil rate band) will pay 40% inheritance tax on every amount over that threshold. 

Are an exception to this law for spousal property, which means that you can leave everything you own to your husband or civil partner in a Will and they will not be subject to Inheritance Tax. 

Thus, when a surviving spouse dies, they can leave up to £650,000 to their beneficiaries tax-free. If you believe you may be liable for Inheritance Tax, you should get guidance from one of our specialist Will writers.

 Additionally, even if your assets do not yet meet the level, inflation may cause the value of your home to increase in the coming years, so it is prudent to plan for this possibility.

The Marriage Contract and Your Will

Unless the Will expressly states differently, marriage nullifies any previous Will. If you really are contemplating a wedding, you must contact a Wills professional immediately to arrange a Will review.

Divorce and the Execution of Your Will

Divorce has the consequence of nullifying provisions in a Will; where your divorced partner is mentioned, they will be treated as if they have died. 

This is particularly critical if you have selected an ex-partner as trustee – for example, you may still prefer for your ex-partner to serve as trustee for a Trust established to benefit you and your ex-children. spouse’s

Partners Who Are Not Married & Your Will

Unmarried spouses are not protected by intestacy laws. If an unmarried partner dies without a valid Will, their partner is not entitled to inherit from them under intestacy statutes.

This is frequently misunderstood, leaving many people without an inheritance when their partners die intestate. If you live with a partner, contact our Wills professionals for advice on how to effectively provide for your partner after your death.

Simple DIY Wills

If you are interested in creating a Will or reviewing a current one, we can assist you. Our DIY Will kits can be an attractive and cost-effective choice for basic estates. 

If you wish to speak with one of our pleasant and knowledgeable consultants regarding estate planning, we would be glad to hear from you.

Contact us immediately by completing our online contact form.