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If you are, then you’re likely wondering what the best way of doing this is. Rather than choosing to make your Will online, you may decide that you want something that is expertly written.

You want to know that there won’t be any problems with your Will so that when you die your family will have peace of mind.

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What Age Do You Need A Will?

At Direct Will Trusts , we know how difficult writing your will can be. If you are in your 20's or 80s you need a will

Experienced & Local Will Writing Services

We have many years experience in writing wills covering all manner of circumstances. We are a nationwide company, so whether you are living in John O’ Groats, or Lands End, we can help you with your will writing.

Along with ensuring that your will is legally acceptable, we can also advise on inheritance tax laws and how your estate will be affected by them, and the creation of asset protection trusts.

Direct Wills Trusts Notting Hill can also store your will on site, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it at home.

What You Can Include:

Financial Trusts

From financial trusts for your grandchildren, to leaving a bequest to your favourite charity, and ensuring that Auntie Irene’s necklace goes to your daughter, having a will clearly sets out your wishes for your possessions after you are gone.

Funeral Plans

You can also set out any wishes you have for your funeral.
Name the people you wish to act as executors of your will, as they will work with your solicitor to make sure that your wishes are followed promptly and appropriately.

After Life Plans

Having a will helps solicitors and family during times of sudden illness. You can appoint a trusted individual to be given “power of attorney”, should you be incapacitated they can make decisions about your medical care, including any end of life care that you may need.

Peace Of Mind For You & Your Family -

No one wants to leave their partner with a complex legal issue, but if you are an unmarried couple there is no “common law” equivalent to a legal marriage.
Writing a will removes doubt surrounding your wishes, and lets you leave suitable provision for your partner, giving them security during what will be a very difficult time.

Even if you are married, having a written will allows you to determine other gifts that you may wish to leave the rest of your family. 

General Questions

Making a will Notting Hill something some of us do not want to think about; however, if you do not take the time to fill in a will then your worldly possessions will be distributed according to a law dating back to 1925. Under this law you are not always assured that your spouse or civil partner will inherit your property – you simply cannot leave this to chance.

Making a Will ensures that your affairs, after your passing, will not have to sorted out by those saddening and distraught by your passing. Making a will is a more constructive and cheaper option. Anyone can make a will, from the elderly to very small children and it is something every individual should consider. But, it is something we rarely get down to.

A Will Notting Hill is something you need to do now in order to safeguard your property and the possessions you have worked to hard to get.

Storing your Will writing Notting Hill with our service is extremely important; it should never be stored in an open area or place where it is easily accessible.

A Will writing Service Notting Hill is an extremely personal document listing personal information; therefore, it should be kept in a place that is known by the will holder and close family.

It is also important that you let your solicitor know where you are keeping your Will writing because if it stored in a locked container or bank deposit box they will need to gain special legal permission to have it opened, which will slow down the process of your loved ones obtained what you outlined in the original documentation.

Keeping Wills writing in storage boxes is not a good idea because it may be difficult to access and even harder to gain permission to open it that’s why go for our will writing services.

There is another option: storing your Will writing Notting Hill with your solicitor services.

A small fee may be in place for storage and for accessibility, but knowing your will is in a safe place is the most important thing as getting another service for wills writing will take a while to complete the process.

Business will service is written by keeping certain things in mind. An asset or property might change hands but with business, it is not necessarily the same because the business has a certain market value that can change over time.

This valuation may go towards a positive direction or a negative direction. But nevertheless, the bottom line remains the same that a business keeps continuing even if the owner dies.

A business services is built over the years. It needs a lot of love and labor. It is like growing a tree. Hence, it is bigger than any person who might have started it or carried it on her shoulder.

So, in order to help a business remain functional, you should write a business will. Otherwise, the wife and children will get virtually nothing and the effort of many decades will go down the drain.

There is another case as well. The owner may like to appoint other people for his business.

This may well be the case when you are happy with the state of things or you can see that your business is not in good hands.

Finally, Inheritance Tax which is required under certain circumstances can be avoided if you are gifting your business assets to other businesses.

A Will is a legal document where you name one or more recipients, who will keep your affairs in order after you’ve passed away. Furthermore, it sets out who is entitled to your property and you possessions after death.

A Will writing Service Notting Hill is a legal document where you name one or more recipients, who will keep your affairs in order after you’ve passed away.

Furthermore, it sets out who is entitled to your property and your possessions after death.

A will can establish –

Who will take care of your children after your wills

Gifts are given to family, friends, and charities

  • A trust fund to take hold of any assets once your children reach a given age
  • In order to write a will there are a few rules that must be adhered to:
  • Made by a person who is 18 years of age or over (unless mitigating circumstances dictate the contrary)
  • A Will writing service is made voluntarily and is not a forced action brought about be another person
  • It is made by a person who has all of the mental capacities intact
  • Must be made in writing
  • It must be properly signed by the person making the Will in the presence of two chosen witnesses.

It is also important to appoint executioners, who are competent enough to execute the sensitive and challenging task of managing an estate.

It is important to make provisions to manage your estate in the eventuality of anything untoward happening to you, or when you eventually die, as everyone does.

Simply leaving a will is not enough.

Executors are the people responsible for implementing you will, or carrying out your wishes with regards to your estate, which includes property and other possessions.

The appointed executioner collects details of assets and liabilities, pays off debt, taxes, and other liabilities deals with the paperwork and transfers the balance assets to the inheritors.

The task is too complex, and beyond the scope of friends or family members, who would have their own professional or other commitments, to pay sufficient attention to the matter.

You can also be assured of objectively, something which a relative may not be able to achieve.

The executioner’s role in managing the estate involves a great deal of work and responsibility. In many cases, the task becomes very complex and fraught with legal issues.

We have well-developed systems and processes to identify assets and liabilities and sort out any complications.

We make it a point to calculate tax liabilities accurately and make the often vexing process quick and simple.

We always keep family members in the loop and offer timely, up-to-date pointers on what needs to be done.

Contact us today to find out more about Direct wills and Trusts today for our amazing services to offer such as will writing.

Evening & Weekend Services

Our home visit service Notting Hill offers the perfect solution that allows you to plan your future in the comfort of your own home. We make things more convenient for you so that you and your loved ones have peace of mind.


When it comes to making your Will Notting Hill, our home visit service offers you some benefits. A home visit can include features like:

  • Flexible appointments
  • Face to Face meetings
  • An informed decision
  • No need to prepare

By coming to your home, we can meet with you at a time that best fits in with your needs. You will have the chance to talk with one of our Will writers Notting Hill face to face in the comfort of your own home.

Our Will writers Notting Hill  will talk you through the process of making your Will.

This valuation may go towards a positive direction or a negative direction. But nevertheless, the bottom line remains the same that a business keeps continuing even if the owner dies.

A business services is built over the years. It needs a lot of love and labour. It is like growing a tree. Hence, it is bigger than any person who might have started it or carried it on her shoulder.

So, in order to help a business remain functional, you should write a business will. Otherwise, the wife and children will get virtually nothing and the effort of many decades will go down the drain.

There is another case as well. The owner may like to appoint other people for his business.

This may well be the case when you are happy with the state of things or you can see that your business is not in good hands.

Finally, Inheritance Tax which is required under certain circumstances can be avoided if you are gifting your business assets to other businesses.

As well as helping you with the things that you need to think about, they can also answer any questions you might have.

Since the meeting takes place in your home Notting Hill, you will not always need to think about what documents or information you’ll need in advance.

With a home visit, we make sure that any decision you reach is a fully informed decision.

No matter what your situation is, you and your family can know that your Will is valid and provides everyone with peace of mind.


When deciding to make your Will Notting Hill, work and family commitments may mean that a meeting during the day is not always possible.

Because of this, we also offer weekend and evening appointments . Equally, with our Will writing service Notting Hill, we can also visit you in your home at a time that’s suitable for you.

Services We Offer

Funeral arrangements service are essentially an important part of life that we must go through, but no-one likes to think about dying.

Whether you are planning to ensure that your final wishes are adhered to or you want to make certain that your family is financially protected, then funeral plans are a fundamental way of safeguarding those choices.

Funerals are a difficult and distressing time for families to deal with, but with a funeral plan placed in order, it will relieve some of that unwarranted stress, because it means that your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that everything you want is put into order.

Funeral plans Service aren’t just for the elderly if you have a family, business or property it can be a suitable way of protecting those close to you if anything should happen.

These types of arrangements are just as important as creating a will service, and pre-arranged funeral plans don’t have to be over expensive, they can suit various types of budgets.

If you are looking into a funeral plan it is a simple way of covering all the bases.

Beat rising funeral costs service – each year the cost of funerals gradually increase, by planning ahead you are paying today’s price

Protects loved ones – planning ahead means your loved ones aren’t thrown into financial worry
Payment options – having the options of paying through a set budget

Different plans to choose from – finding the right type of funeral that will suit you and your family

Plan it your way – ensuring that your final wishes are put into order with our services

Contact Direct Wills and Trusts Notting Hill today for your funeral plan

A Lasting Power of Attorney Services (LPA) makes it possible to appoint a nominee or a set of nominees, to make decisions pertaining to the person’s finances, property, or welfare.

There are basically two types of LPAs, Health, and Welfare LPA and Property and Financial Affairs LPA.

As the nomenclature suggests, the former is to assign nominees to take decisions on matters related to medical treatment and related affairs, and the latter is to assign nominees to make financial and property-related decisions, such as paying bills, making a sale, and other activities.

An LPA services ensures there is someone capable and responsible for taking decisions on a person’s behalf, when they are no longer capable of doing so, for any reason, or if they simply no longer wish to be involved in making decisions.

An LPA services becomes especially useful in situations such as the person foregoing mental capacity following an accident, injury or disorder, or when the person turns senile due to old age.

It is important to prepare the LPA correctly, to derive full benefits.

A good LPA not just nominates people entrusted with the task of making decisions, but also lists out specific decisions to be made.

It could also detail how the decisions are to be made. These steps are critical to ensuring the person making out the LPA retains control on how decisions are being made on his or her behalf, rather than blindly trust the judgment of the attorney empowered with the task of making decisions.

The attorney is also bound by the Code of Practice of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to act in the best interests of the person making out the nomination.

LPA’s, to be valid, has to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian, with the signatures of both the person making the nomination and the nominee being witnessed.

An LPA services is a safe way to ensure one’s financial affairs, health, and overall wellbeing will be looked after, in all circumstances and eventualities. For best results, approach competent and experienced attorneys.

Our Services have a team of competent and seasoned professionals, with considerable experience, and undertake the task in a professional manner, after ascertaining your specific needs and circumstances.

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Keeping Wills in storage boxes is not a good idea because it may be difficult to access and even harder to gain permission to open it. There is another option:

storing your Will with your solicitor.

A small fee may be in place for storage and for accessibility, but knowing your will is in a safe place is the most important thing.

Get in touch today and one of our specialist team will help you.

Importance of Having a Will Notting Hill with our services

The thought of dying is scary to many people. This partly explains why close to 60% of UK residents don’t have a will. Even though it is not a legal obligation, it is important that you have a will in place regardless of your age or health.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why you need to have an updated will in place at all times.

Deciding who Inherits your Property Services

If you pass on without a will, it is the government that decides who inherits your property, money and other possessions. If you die while unmarried and with no identifiable close relative, the government may invoke the Law of Intestacy of 1925 and take ownership of all your properties.

With a will serviceNotting Hill, you make sure that your wishes regarding who inherits your properties are fulfilled when you are gone.

Appointing guardians for your children

If you have children who are yet to reach the legal age and die without a will it is the authorities who decide who becomes their guardian.

Even though many people usually take for granted that their partners (if they are unmarried) will be assigned guardianship of the children, this is not always the case. In most cases, if the children are between 14 and 17, they are usually given to a neighbour or close friend who shares your lifestyle rather than your partner or relatives.
This can be distressing to the children.

By specifying in your will who you want to be the guardian to your children you make sure that only the people you are most comfortable with taking care of them.

Deciding who Inherits your Property services

Inheritance tax is a tax charged on your estate when you die. Having a will in place significantly reduces this tax or even eliminates it completely. This allows your loved ones to inherit more money than it would have been the case if you would have died without a will.

The importance of writing a will, therefore, need not be overemphasized. Sometimes the complexity of the will writing process usually puts off some people.

Fortunately, there are many professional will writers in the Notting Hill UK who can competently guide you through the will-writing process at a small fee.

No one knows when death will come. So it is never too early to prepare your will.
To make sure that your estate is managed in an orderly manner and in accordance with your wishes, make sure you prepare a will as soon as possible

Need support with your Probate needs then contact us today to find out more.

A Will Writing Service Notting Hill is a document that is written the name of the person or people you want to take care of your affairs after you die. It ensures that all your affairs, possessions and property are under the right hands and in order, well managed, and all who are listed as beneficiaries in the Will writing get their fair share. This usually occurs after visiting your lawyer, and in a case where you do not have one who will aid in the writing of the will, you can choose a lawyer to do so. The best-case and plan to ensure that your property is well taken care of is by finding professional Will writers Notting Hill who basically deal with a specified area, which is Wills writing Services. Such a firm is Direct Wills Trusts services for wills writing who are specialized in what they do and offer quality services worth your time and money with our wills writing service. Wills writing service can be for various reasons including ensuring that someone suitable looks after your children and arranging the gifts to be given to family, friends, and charities. It also can have your funeral wishes as well as have a trust to hold assets for your children until they attain a certain age. There are some issues that have to be in order for a will to be valid. First off, the person involved must be one who is 18 years or over, unless there are special circumstances. The Wills writing service must also be made voluntarily and without pressure or being forced by anybody, should be made by one who is sound of mind, and in wills writing. To finalize the Will writing services made, it is vital that the person making the Will to sign it in the presence of two witnesses. The witnesses will also need to sign the Will in the presence of Will writing maker service. Some factors may hinder Wills or have a downside such as the money in the Will may not be directed to where you want, and it is likely to be inadequate for inheritance tax procedures. Though this is not something major it is an issue that has to be in consideration. Direct Will Trusts will offer all the above services and more best advice. Involving an experienced and trusted will writing association that will ensure all your wishes are met and secured and stored well for future use we are the best for the wills writing services. Direct Will Trusts Services will ensure that you live happy and free of worry knowing that all your hard-earned property and plans are in safe hand now and in the future. Need a service to support you and your children future after your gone then contact us today.

Nobody relishes the idea that they will die, yet we all know that this is the one fate that awaits us all. No one ever anticipates how they will die, however, if you die without a will, your property will be distributed according to rules as set out in the law of 1925 this is why people get an Asset Protection Trust Services just in case if something were to happen and you didn’t have a will this would cover you.

Will Services are means used to ensure properties are well managed and disposed of according to a person’s last wish in death. A will can be viewed as an express form of a discretionary trust services .

The will is drafted as a document during one’s lifetime and it acts as a good way to protect and ring-fence assets.

The first step in writing a will is to understand that it can protect your assets for you as well as your family.

For the whole process to be complete one needs to appoint beneficiaries (these are the people who execute the will services) and then put assets into the will. The assets put in the will become owned by the beneficiary given by you

A lot of things can go into the will; they could include investments, cash or property.

Wills serves an important function for civil partners and married couples and is set up with the motive of splitting ownership of assets like the family home and other jointly owned assets.

The will comes into effect after the departure of one of the partners.

To save your family the trouble of laws of intestacy coming over to make decisions on how to distribute your wealth, one should make a will giving instructions on how their property should be appropriated in death.

A will service also ensure that your loved ones will not have added complications in administering your estate. In drafting a will, you can ensure that an unmarried partner is catered for as the law has no provision that will recognize automatically such a partner’s claim to part of your estate

By not leaving a will the deceased in many families have reduced their family’s inheritance, this causes untold misery and potentially reduces the value of a family’s inheritance.

Our aim here is to make drafting a will for you to be as easy and convenient as it can be.

Deciding to leave your estate to your family and friends means making a will. If you die before making a will, the law decides what happens to your estate.

Making a will services ensures that your wishes can be put into action and the beneficiaries will be the people you have chosen. Sometimes though, there are other considerations to take into account.

What will happen if you need some of your estates to pay for care in your old age?

If you are the owner of a property you intended to leave to family members it could be sold. Asset Protection Trusts Services are one way of arranging your estate so that it is left to the ones you choose.

Asset Protection Trusts Services can consist of property, cash, or investments. Once a Trust has been set up, you must nominate some honest, reliable people to manage it. These will be the Trustees. Often they will be relatives or close friends.

A trust is drawn up separately to a will.

The area of Asset Protection Services is extensive and complicated. Always obtain professional advice before deciding which course of action to take.

There are several ways of setting up a trust, and you should be sure that you choose the correct one for your circumstances. Consideration should be given to the attitude of the Local Authority, who when assessing for the provision of care, will want to take into account the value of a property.

An ineffective Trust could lead to the entitlement to state benefits being removed. There may be issues around Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax or even Income Tax, so reliable information is essential and should always be sought.

Contact Direct Wills and Trusts Notting Hill to find out more.

Will services play an important role in everybody’s life. This is because they provide a type of reassurance.

The person making the will is assured that his estate will go to the right person.

The will is a written agreement and makes an individual aware that how the property is going to be distributed.

A will makes sure that the people near you get their due share in your property.

A will ensures that the future of your near and dear ones is safeguarded.

Let’s do a quick swot up on overseas property wills.

Well, what is an overseas property will?

The overseas property will refer to a will that is made in a particular country and covers property located in another country.

An executioner has to be chosen by the person making the will.

An executioner is an individual who is the one dealing with the property of the deceased.

There can be as many executors as one wants, but according to the grant of probate, there have to be only four executors.

Until a few years ago, clients were asked to create a separate will in the nation their assets were situated.

The basic reason for this was that different countries have different succession rules.

The name of these sets of rules is ‘Forced Heir Rules’.

From the 17th of August, 2015, a new parameter set up by EU is known as Brussels IV came into adherence. This means that this rule will be regulated on people who expire following 17th August 2015. These rules will be abided by in 25 EU countries.

Do you have a property abroad?

All this summarizes the fact that if you hold a property in the EU and possess a British passport, then the will apply to properties in the UK.

Assets are basically distinguished as two-liquid and fixed.

The movable asset such as cash, money, etc. are counted as liquid and the immovable ones such as land, building, etc. are counted as the fixed assets.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose you hold a British passport and have property abroad, then no will is needed to cover those assets. During such situations, the inheritance law of the country where the property is located is applied.

In such a scenario one may need to make a detached will in the country the estate or the property is situated.

One needs to hire a legal adviser of the country the property is situated in.

What is a will service?

A will is a document written by somebody who decides how they want their property and belongings passed out after they die.

Disputing a Will services – Mediation is possible and this is what we will be talking about.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a way of disputing something without having to go to court.

It uses somebody known as a mediator to make the two sides come to an agreement.

The mediator service is completely unbiased and does not make a final decision, but instead, the mediator tries to talk the two parties into an agreement.

The way in which this happens is by the two opposing parties join with the mediator in the meeting room and the process begins.

Reasons for disputing a will

A lack of valid execution
Somebody may believe that they part-own or own the property

The will provided is fraudulent

A claim on the construction

A lack of approval and knowledge

Disputing a will – Mediation

Disputing a will service using mediation is possibly the best way to solve the case as it is easier and the two sides reach an agreement

In the mediation session, the two parties present their argument for a short amount of time, in the 45-minute session. Stats show that mediation works 90 percent of the time without having to go to a further trial.

When can mediation not be used

Sometimes mediation service cannot be used because of certain reasons, some of these are:

An important law has been broken and it needs to be tested

Discussions between the opposing groups are progressing

The decision needs to be made immediately

Fortunately, there are experienced professionals to help you with Disputing a Will – Mediation, as seen in the list above and it is proven to be very effective in many situations. Find out more on the service today with us.

Joint tenancy can be referred to as joint ownership of property and all the owners have an equal and undivided share in the property.

Joint tenancy clearly defines what happens when the owners die.

Get in touch today and one of our specialist team will help you.

Rights of Survivor ship

The authorized name of joint tenancy is “joint tenancy with right of survivor ship”.

Such type of right is important because they give the joint tenant the right to the property of the deceased.

This means that if you have a joint tenancy than on the death of your partner, you and your partner will receive a share from the property of the deceased.

However, under joint tenancy, the share of your property cannot be willed to your heirs.

Joint Tenancy Properties

According to joint tenancy, all the owners receive an equal share in the property. For example; if a person jointly owns a 100-acre land with two other members, then the other two have an equal share in the 100-acre land.

Joint tenancy features an undivided share, one is entitled to use the entire property of joint tenancy.

The basic plus point of joint tenancy is that the deceased share is passed to survivors which helps in avoiding probate.

Conversion of joint tenancy

If the second to last person of joint ownership expires, then his share passes to the remaining owners of the property.

A joint tenancy services in which the single owner remains after the death of one owner, then tenancy converts to tenancy in common. Under tenancy in common or TIC as it is generally known as the share of the property can be transferred to other people through a will.

There are ways by which one can convert shares in a joint tenancy to TIC, allowing inheritance by heirs.

The above paragraph showcases that if you have a property in joint tenancy and want it to be inherited, then you must get them converted to TIC.

This is also known as unilateral conversion.

Conversion of joint tenancy

Before getting into a joint tenancy, do consider what you are getting into. Joint tenancy has its own set of virtues.

Consulting a real estate attorney before entering joint ownership may seem a prudent step.

Joint tenancy has its own set of plus points. However, it’s best you think wisely before choosing such type of arrangement with your partner. It comes with its own set of vices and virtues.